Module 1

Barista Ready

Barista Training

Barista READY – Module 1

If you don’t have any experience within the industry, here is your chance to get into the coffee market.

Barista Ready – Module 1 is the ultimate barista training developed by Lecio Resmini from Background Coffee Roasters. Lecio Resmini has owned several cafes and a specialty coffee roasting company for over 10 years and employed a large number of people that he personally trained. So he decided to share his expertise create a Barista Course and guide students in every single detail needed to pass a cafe trial.

As a result, our Barista Training aims to provide the maximum amount of practical experience to the student by doing one-on-one, total hands-on training with a max of 2 students per teacher. In other words, we believe the only way to learn is if you practice. As a result, the course is 90% practical, so that all students will be fully ready for a Cafe Trial. You need to fully immerse yourself into the subject and the teaching practice.

This training workshop encompasses 2 hours of lecture and 3 hours of tutorials on different days. 2 hours of lecture including practice and 3 hours of tutorial includes intensive coffee training.

Barista Training

Barista Training Course details:

Course Duration: 5 hours over 2 dates

Investment: POA

Class Size: Max 2 Students per teacher

Training Objectives – Each student will:

  • Acquires the minimum skills necessary to brew a coffee in order to pass a coffee trial.
  • Be able to answer all basic questions and know some great tips and tricks for a job interview in a cafe in Australia.
  • Learn how to control and rationalize all emotions that could affect the student performance during the trial.
  • Become confident with the barista techniques to make a flat white, latte, cappuccino, piccolo, long black, macchiato effectively without any mistakes.
  • Develop awareness regarding the correct attitude, emotion, availability and interest to get the job.
  • Understand the scope of the coffee industry and all other job opportunities beyond being a barista.

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