Module 3

Coffee Roasting course Sydney

Coffee Roasting course – Module 3

Module Duration: 2.5 Hours
Investment: $380 (including materials)
Class Size: Max 2 Students per group

  • SCA and CQI
  • What is Specialty Coffee?
  • Basic techniques of roasting and its variables (convex, conducting, air flow)
  • Understanding first and second crack
  • Single Origin Concept
  • Blend Concept
  • Tasting | Single Origin and Blend
  • The roasting colours

Coffee Roasting Course Objectives:

  • Understand the principles of the coffee roasting process.
  • Understand the single origin and blend concepts and how it applies in the current market.
  • Understand tasting terminology.
  • Understand the effects of dark roasting and light roast on the palate