We are a specialty coffee retail outlet for Background Coffee, and we are all about providing premium quality coffee to the Belrose community.

Convenience, convenience and, you guessed it right, convenience is our key value at Behind the Beans which is why aside from the usual walk-ins, we also offer the added convenience of buying coffee through our drive through facility. Take a break from your ordinary coffee shops by doing away with queues and personally lining up for coffee. We pride ourselves in what we do best as coffee professionals and our passion is to create a community where people can come and enjoy a cup of good coffee in a way most accessible for them.

Our A team is exceptionally committed to providing our customers with delicious takeaway food and coffee the quickest way possible. Aside from providing carefully crafted breakfast specials which boast a perfect balance of flavours in each bite, we also provide coffee enthusiasts with Background Coffee retail packs to bring home to the family.

We love a quality brew and are always on the hunt for the next big innovation. Every food and drink we offer is a labour of love influenced by our determination to present only the best to our customers. At Behind the Beans, we believe everyone deserves tasty brews and delectable food served to them in the most convenient way.

Ready to go behind the beans?


– MENU –

Artisanal Sourdough               $4.5

w spreads

Turkish Toast    $4.5

2 slices of Turkish Toasted with or without butter, jam or vegemite

Bacon & Egg Roll (Weekend’s only)    $8.5

streaky bacon, egg on sesame seed bun w/ tomato or bbq sauce, aioli & rocket.

Banana Bread or Special Loaf    $5

w spreads

Nutty Granola    $8 (counter)

w/ Greek yoghurt, fruit & your choice of milk. (V)

Breaky Roll (Weekend’s only)    $12 (counter)

cheese, avocado, streaky bacon, egg on sesame seed bun, aioli & rocket.

Avocado on Toast    $8.5

w/ fetta, wedge of lemon on sourdough

Organic Acai Bowl    $15

w/ homemade nutty granola, chia, coconut flakes, fruit. (V)

Slow Cook Beef, Chicken or Pork Wraps    $10