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Espresso Machines – Coffee Accessories – Specialty Roasted Coffee – Supply Packages

We provide various packages for coffee shops and restaurants. Our expertise of owning and running coffee shops means we know what makes a great cafe supply infrastructure. We supply the best espresso machines, grinders, accessories, our own roasted specialty coffees, our branded take away cups and more. Because we are confident in providing your business with the best service we do not ask you to commit to a contract. We trust you will want to stay with us as your business supplier. Keeping it simple is the way we like to work!

Give us a call for a no obligation chat about how we can help your business

Starting a Cafe ?

If you are opening a cafe or thinking about it then we can help. Not only do we offer contract free supplies to help your start-up coffee shop, but we also offer business advice and finance options. We provide courses on Barista Training, advice on how to run a cafe or how to start a cafe and Cafe or Coffee Shop Business Plan services. You can just give us a call and we’ll help you with no obligation. Our aim is to get your new cafe venture off the ground smoothly and on a financially sound footing with our coffee shop supplies and equipment packages and our ongoing support.

Cafe Business Plan

When you start thinking about opening a coffee shop you must put together a Coffee Shop Business Plan. How much cash have you got to invest? What kind of finance will you require? What capital expenditure do you need? All these questions and more need addressing to successfully analyse the financial implications of opening a coffee shop. Background Coffee with it’s experience in running and owning coffee shop businesses can help you put together an accurate and positive business plan. With our connections in the finance market we can also put together a finance package to help make your coffee shop dream a reality.

Running a Cafe?

If you are running a coffee shop already you can still join our team. Simply contact us about trying our own award-winning roasted coffee products with no ongoing obligation. If you need to re-invest in coffee machines then we can provide the machine and the financing if needed. We’d be delighted to help with advice on running your coffee shop, training baristas, B2B services, or just having a chat! Give us a try in helping you improve your coffee business. We have great espresso coffee makers and grinders that can all be financed to cushion the blow of re-investment.

Try Our Coffee Shop Supplies

Cafe Supplies Package

Our Ultimate Package includes:

  • Choice of La Marzocco espresso machine
  • Commercial coffee grinders
  • Coffee accessories
  • Our Direct Trade roasted coffee beans
  • Our branded take away cups
  • Quality tea
  • Lindt chocolate
  • Training

You can discuss with us any particular requirements and remember you will not be asked to sign a supply contract!

Coffee Machines

La Marzocco espresso machines

We provide only the best espresso machines. La Marzocco handmade in Florence, Italy home of the espresso. Built to last with craft Italian design these coffee machines not only look fantastic but produce the ultimate in coffee taste.


“Persevere the manufacture of the finest in class specialty coffee equipment, while encompassing people, heritage, technology and design.”
La Marzocco Mission Statement

Espresso Machines

Coffee Beans

By roasting Direct Trade coffee beans at our warehouse in Cromer we produce a variety of single origin and blended coffee for your coffee shops. Background Coffee House Blend is made using the best crop of high quality seasonal specialty coffee beans. We source from Kenya, Brazil, Ethiopia and Indian Kelagur Heights using only Direct Trade arrangements with the grower. This enable us to create a unique, well-balanced, distinctive House Blend with complexity and a sweet, chocolate and full flavour. We also roast a unique organic blend using certified Peruvian Jaen and organic Colombian Cooagronevada.

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