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Specialty Roasted Coffee – Espresso Machines – Coffee grinders – take away cups

Background Coffee customises supply packages for coffee shops and restaurants. Our expertise of owning and running coffee shops means we know what makes a great cafe supply infrastructure. We provide tired and tested commercial espresso machines, grinders, accessories, our own roasted specialty coffees, our branded take away cups and more. Because we are confident in providing your business with the best service, we do not ask you to commit to a contract. We trust you will want to stay with us as your business supplier. Keeping it simple is the way we like to work!

Specialty Roasted Coffee

Specialty Coffee is, in essence, using high-quality beans sourced from single origin growers and then treated as a quality product from farm to the brewing stage. At Background Coffee Roasters we only use beans that we can trace back to individual farmers through the DIRECT TRADE network. We then roast these beans in-house to produce the highest quality flavoured coffee.

We can supply your coffee business with our own roasted seasonal varieties as whole beans or in capsules. What’s more, we won’t make you commit to any contract. Why? Because we are so confident that you will love our service and your customers will love the coffee. Simply put we don’t need a contract.


Our house blend coffee and coffee capsules are made using only the best crop of high-quality seasonal specialty coffee beans. We only use DIRECT TRADE growers and roast single origin as well as blends and organic varieties.


Espresso Machines

Your business reputation not only requires great coffee and great service it also must have consistency in flavour, and reliability and durability in your coffee machines. If you are not producing coffee that is a great taste in every cup every day then your business will suffer.

We only supply the highest quality commercial coffee machines. We have tried and tested these machines and in many cases have used them in our own cafe houses.

We also have a support team to help you with servicing, maintenance. We also have technicians to deal with unlikely instances of repair!


Our selections of commercial espresso machines are all tested for flavour, reliability and quality of craftsmanship. We only want to sell equipment that we know you will love and will serve you well.


Coffee Grinders

Like our coffee machines we only supply commercial grade grinders and for much the same reason. You need a high-quality ground coffee that is reliable and quick. You need the speed to maintain your workflow. You want a fast on demand ground coffee to produce the fresh flavour your customers will keep coming back for. You also want a grinder that will run and run!

Like our espresso machines, we have tried and tested these grinders and used them in our own cafe houses.

We also have the same support offering to help you with servicing and maintenance. We also have technicians that can come out to deal with any instances of repair!


Our tried and tested commercial coffee grinders. They are extremely reliable and robust. They produce the high grinding capacity per minute to handle the demand and workload of a busy coffee bar.


Take Away Cups

We also provide our own branded take away coffee cups so your customers know they are drinking a quality specialty coffee from a recognised quality coffee brand. Yes, it markets our product too but it also gives your customers confidence that they are drinking a world-class coffee.

Try Our Coffee Shop Supply Service

Cafe Supplies Package

Our Ultimate Package includes:

  • Choice of espresso machine
  • Commercial coffee grinders
  • Coffee accessories
  • Our Direct Trade roasted coffee beans


  • Our branded take away cups
  • Specialty teas
  • Swiss chocolate
  • Training


You can discuss with us any particular requirements and remember you will not be asked to sign a supply contract!

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Need help in starting a coffee business
or running your existing business?

We have a consulting team that can help you run an efficient profitable business a still have time for family and your hobbies. Running a successful business and maintaining a personal lifestyle is our primary objective. We believe if you are not spending time enjoying yourself then you don’t really have a business. You have a burden. As part of our B2B services, we offer consulting services to produce a blueprint for the way forward for your business and your well being.

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