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Training and support are available for both our wholesale customers and walk in customers. The Background coffee team believes that training is best provided at your business site This allows us to train you within your work environment and on your coffee machines. By customising training with your team and according to the needs of your business, we are able to add maximum value to your operation. For those that use our roasted coffee in their shop, some training will be provided as part of our on-going customer support. The main training and coaching can be specifically adapted to your business needs and will add remarkable value to your business.

There are three modules available that start from Barista Basics through to Advanced Techniques and Latte Art.


The Perfect Pour Training

Coffee training topics include

  • Workflow Improvement (WI)
  • Basic Barista Techniques (BBT)
  • Advanced Barista Techniques (ABT)
  • Master Barista (MB)

Barista Basics – Module 1

The aim of this module is to prepare the student for the workplace. It is an introduction to the work and techniques of a Barista. It includes basic technical instruction on coffee extraction, steaming milk and pouring techniques. It also comes with printed material about Coffee history, types of coffee, types of coffee drinks, technical details of espresso machines, working in Australia and more. It is a 2.5 hour session and requires a minimum of two students.


Training with Heather Booth at Ingleside Markets

Basic Barista Training with Heather Booth at Ingleside Markets

Barista Intermediate – Module 2

This course is open to those that have either taken module 1 or have started employment as a Barista. The  module will investigate more technical details around being a Barista and making professional-standard coffee. Advanced topics and business workflow issues will be discussed. Customer waiting time vs weighing and coffee grind will be discussed and explored. The emphasis is on providing the best possible coffee in the time allowed in the reality of the business environment.

The course will also investigate different pouring techniques and temperature factors of steaming milk, good extraction vs poor extraction, dealing with customers and workflow, understanding roasting profiles and more. The module will also explore how to present at an employment interview, role play with customers, and exposure to a hectic workflow. Students will be provided with printed material to supplement the practical elements of the module and will reinforcement both technical coffee making skills and how dealing with customers is an important part of a Barista’s skill set.


Workflow training with Heather Booth (Head trainer at Background Coffee) and Lecio Resmini (Roaster and Managing Director)

Workflow Training with Heather Booth (Head Trainer at Background Coffee) and Lecio Resmini (Coffee Roaster and Managing Director) at Ora Manly

Barista Advanced – Module 3

This module is all about advanced techniques of latte art and presentation. The module investigates not only the basic skills of latte art but how this can be optimised during times of high pressured workflow and the efficiencies in providing a professionally presented coffee to customers. We will also explore the role of the barista in providing great tasting coffee, great looking coffee and educating customers in the appreciation of great coffee. Plenty  of time will be spent practically honing the skills of latte art

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