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Barista Courses

Barista Courses

Teaching the techniques to become an industry Barista

Our courses are designed to teach the basics of the barista techniques, latte art, and an appreciation of coffee roasting. We structure each course around the practical applications. Our philosophy is that you can only really learn by doing. To this end, our courses have a ratio of 1 teacher to 2 students. This ensures that the student has a totally hands-on learning experience. We feel this level of practical tuition provides the best barista courses in Sydney

If you are one of our wholesale customers the Background coffee team believes that training is best provided at your own business site. This allows us to train you within your work environment and on your coffee machines. By customising training with your team and according to the needs of your business, we are able to add maximum value to your operation. For those that use our roasted coffee in their shop, some training will be provided as part of our on-going customer support. The main training and coaching can be specifically adapted to your business needs and will add remarkable value to your business.

The Barista Ready Courses

Module 1


If you don’t have any experience within the industry this is the course for you. This Module “Barista Ready” is the ultimate barista training by Lecio Resmini of Background Coffee Roasters.


Module 2

Latte Art

Learn the 3 free pouring latte art designs. Tips and tricks of making every coffee look amazing. This course is for the student with 6 months Barista experience or has taken Module 1


Module 3


Understand the principles of roasting, tasting terminology, the effects of dark roasting and light roast on the palate, first and second crack, Blend Concept, Single Origin Concept….


Coffee training topics include


Workflow Improvement (WI)
Basic Barista Techniques (BBT)
Advanced Barista Techniques (ABT)
Master Barista (MB)

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