Our Story

Coffee is only great if the service is excellent.

Our Story

Our journey begins back in 2009 when Lecio set up the first café serving specialty coffee in Manly Beach (Sydney Northern Beaches). After successfully operating the business for 12 months Lecio decided to install a 2kg bench top roaster inside the shop. Soon locals realised that our café was serving high-quality specialty coffee and the word spread very quickly. This success led Lecio to think about getting rid of the café kitchen and create a full specialty coffee house with a bigger roaster. However, the local Council rejected the proposal and though this was devastating at the time it was probably a blessing in disguise.

With the reputation of the standard of our coffee growing fast across the Northern Beaches and with more and more café owners asking us to supply their businesses with our delicious coffee, Lecio knew that it was only a matter of time before he had to expand the roasting side of the business.

In 2012, the time had come to take the next step in moving forward with his coffee roasting passion. He sold the small café in Manly and with the funds established Background Coffee Roasters. From a new warehouse in Cromer, a roasting plant was created capable of roasting ??kgs of coffee a day. The business grew over the following years due its strong values and beliefs as a family business. The business continues to grow strongly in spite of the competition of the industry.

But it is not the end of the story! After establishing Background Coffee Roasters, Lecio and partner Patricia have taken under their wings several other small enterprises including cafes and espresso bars. They learned not only how to understand the coffee market and customer behaviour but also how to buy, build and sell cafes by turning them around into profitable efficient businesses.

In 2017 came a shift in core values. “We know how to roast coffee with great value, but we also know how to make cafes profitable” (Lecio said). Lecio and Patricia decided to focus their energy into helping café owners build a better quality business, be more effective, save money and also, for us one of the most valuable benefits, help clients to have more time to spend with their loved ones or doing something their love. Through personal experience, Lecio and Patricia have learnt that to run a business and have a lifestyle is the ultimate goal. Its great for your well-being and great for a positively structured business. So now Background Coffee offers clients consultancy in how to achieve Business with Lifestyle.


We are a family business, which means you are going to benefit from a range of advantages which you often don’t find in other enterprises. All members of our business have great sense of purpose and are proud of offering high-quality products. The whole team of owners share the core value and beliefs of Background Coffee which is “service excellence” giving our business a competitive edge among other coffee roasters. We built a lasting family enterprise, meaning any problem you have, we can put in the extra hours and effort needed to help your business to succeed at any time. For us, service excellence is the key to great coffee.

Our core values are:

  • Common values across the team;
  • Strong Commitment;
  • Loyalty;
  • Stability;
  • Decreased costs

Our Team

Lecio Resmini

After working with chemistry most of his early life in Brazil, Lecio decided to change the path of his life, moving to Australia and working with his biggest passion coffee.

He started working in a few cafes and a coffee roasting house during his first three years in Australia. In 2009 he decided to go out on his own and follow his passion by taking over his first Coffee Shop adventure. He successfully built the business in just over  2 years, selling it in 2012 with enough profit to finance Background Coffee Roasters in early 2013.

Since then, Lecio has been involved in ownership of many other start-up enterprises including espresso bars, and cafes. These multiple business adventures helped Lecio to build a solid understanding of the biggest challenges that any coffee shop owner has to deal on daily basis.

By using his experiences as a café owner himself, Lecio provides valuable guidance and service to Background Coffee’s clients. When Lecio is not roasting, cupping or dealing with coffee farms, he is at his client’s side mentoring and helping them to have more time to spend with their loved ones.

Patricia Kantz

Patricia is a chef with a passion for coffee, food and people. She has been working in the coffee industry for more than 10 years in many different venues including her own businesses. As she owned several different cafes across Sydney Northern Beaches she learned in the hardest way how to survive in this very competitive environment. She also devoted herself to study, and the creation of delicious recipes. She developed management strategies for creating a blueprint of success in running a café, by mainly focusing on effectiveness and efficiency when running a business.

We all know the margins in a café are quite small, but we still can make cafes a profitable enterprise if we know to optimise waste and set up an effective workflow”.

She now shares her experience by mentoring Background Coffee clients and other café’s owners helping them to build a successful business.

Magnus Primaz

Magnus is the 24/7 guy! He is capable to solve any technical problem and help at any matter. He loves dealing with problems. If he doesn’t know the answer initially he will learn and get a solution very quickly. If you don’t see Magnus delivering or servicing our clients, he probably will be at our workshop assembling or taking apart a new device. His knowledge and availability have helped many clients to solve problems at their most crucial times.

The Coffee Shop


Our house blend and coffee capsules are made using only the best crop of high-quality seasonal specialty coffee beans. We only use DIRECT TRADE growers and roast single origin, blends and organic varieties.



Our selections of commercial espresso machines are all tested for flavour, reliability and quality of craftsmanship. We only want to sell equipment that we know you will love and will serve you well.



Our tried and tested commercial coffee grinders. They are extremely reliable and robust. They produce the high grinding capacity per minute to handle the demand and workload of a busy coffee bar.


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What We Do

Keeping Things Simple


Background Coffee provides a supply service to start or re-capitalise your cafe business. We also provide a wholesale supply of our own roasted coffee and tried and tested cafe machinery and fixtures. We want you to have happy customers and a reliable infrastructure.


Training and support are available for both our wholesale customers and walk-in customers. We believe that training is best provided at your business site allowing us to train you within your own work environment and using your own coffee machines.


Efficiency, Profitably and Lifestyle.
We consult and provide a blueprint plan on your time management and your workplace efficiencies. This will highlight areas you need to improve to create an efficient, profitable business that  works with your lifestyle goals.

Get the most out of your business and maintain a lifestyle

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