Used Machinery

Background Coffee is also your source for quality used machinery at reasonable prices. We all have the knowledge that coffee machines don’t come at scrap prices. Now, you might ask yourself if used machineries are worth-buying, we definitely think so. You are able to snag a better deal by buying a used model as it costs much less than brand new ones. We ensure that the used machinery we sell are still in great condition and are still able to perform excellently. On this page you’ll find a fully operational Strata EP 3- an espresso machine that allows any barista to pull their best shot – and a PUQ Press – an automatic tamper that automatically compresses ground coffee with a preset force between 10 to 30kg. For every coffee lover out there who can’t seem to start the day right without their own cup of coffee, it’s time to get your very own coffee makers at a much lesser cost. Hurry now! Limited products are available.

*All pre-owned machinery has 3 months (from the date of the invoice) service warranty in case of any defect is detected

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