The Puqpress Automatic Coffee Tamper is sweeping the coffee world and is revolutionising coffee tamping completely. This tamper provides perfect level tamping every single time and allows you to control the ideal tamping pressure for your ideal coffee shot and your internal pressure is always constant and extremely precise creating perfectly level tamping. Perfect tamping is extremely important because it means better espresso shots and reduced barista calibration. With its sleek design and easy to use functionality, anyone from busy professional baristas to coffee enthusiasts at home can use it. It is easy to clean and simple to operate. With an average channel rate of between seven to ten per cent, the Puqpress Automatic Coffee Tamper saves wasted coffee and leaves less grounds on the counter. The Puqpress is the first and only automatic coffee tamper of its kind and works seamlessly will all sizes, designs, and brands of portafilters.
All pre-onwed machinery is subjected to 3 months warranty.

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