Coffee Roasting Course

$600.00 (exc GST)


Coffee Roasting Course

2 Students per teacher.

Duration: 2.5h

Price: $800 (include materials)

Coffee Roasting Course Topics:

  • SCA and CQI.
  • What is Specialty Coffee?
  • Basic techniques of roasting and its variables (convex, conducting, air flow).
  • Understanding first and second crack.
  • Single Origin Concept.
  • Blend Concept.
  • Tasting | Single Origin and Blend.
  • The roasting colours.


  • Learn the principles of roasting,
  • Understand the single origin and blend concepts and how it applies to the current market.
  • An understanding of the coffee tasting terminology.
  • Grasp the effects of dark roasting and light roast on the palate

This is the third module of the Barista Ready Training courses. Barista Basics and Latte Art  are the other 2 modules.

Additional information

Day of the Week

Tuesday, Wednesday


1pm to 5pm