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A highly practical Barista training course for passing a cafe trial. I teacher to 2 students means you get the all the practical experience required to pass the cafe trial.

Barista Course

If you don't have any experience within the industry, here is your chance to get into the coffee market. This Module "Barista Ready" is the ultimate barista course developed by Lecio Resmini from Background Coffee Roasters. Lecio has owned several cafes and a specialty coffee roasting company over the last 10 years. He decided to share his expertise. The course guides students in every single detail needed to pass a cafe trial. This barista training course aims to provide maximum practice to the student by doing it individual or max  2 students per group with total hands-on work. We believe the only way to learn is if you practice and fully immerse yourself into the subject. As a result, this barista training is 90% practical so students are fully prepared for a Cafe Trial. The workshop encompasses 2 hours of lecture and 3 hours of tutorial on different days. 2 hours of lecture including practice. 3 hours of tutorial includes intensive coffee training. Objectives:

  • The student acquires the minimum skills necessary to brew coffee in order to pass a coffee trial.
  • Ensure that the student is able to answer all basic questions, knowing tips and tricks, for a job interview in a cafe in Australia.
  • Teach the student to be able to control and rationalize all emotions that could affect the student performance during the trial.
  • Be able to make flat white, latte, cappuccino, piccolo, long black, macchiato effectively without any mistake.
  • Develop awareness of the correct attitude, emotion, availability and interest to get the job.
  • Understand the scope of the coffee industry and all other job opportunities beyond being a barista.

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1pm to 5pm