Staresso Portable Coffee Maker – Green

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The Staresso Portable Coffee Maker is compact, simple, and fast. Perfectly designed for the coffee lover on the go. The Staresso High Quality Espresso maker uses pressure (Up to 15 Bar) to push hot water through ground coffee quickly.

Staresso doesn’t need any special maintenance, the open design makes the regular cleaning simple and quick.



  • Staresso Portable Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Maker - Black
  • Reddot Award Winner: It's Designed to Be Perfect. With a Handheld Staresso Machine, You Can Prepare Amazing Espresso Anywhere.
  • High Quality Espresso: Staresso uses pessure (Up to 15 Bar) to push hot water through ground coffee very quickly; so you have extreme flavour with less bitterness.
  • Quick Cold Brew: It takes only a few minutes to brew a cold brew coffe with your Staresso.
  • Simple Cleaning: Staresso doesn't need any special maintenance. The open design makes cleaning simple and quick.


Brand Staresso
Item Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions: (LxHxW) 30 x 15 x 15cm
Package Contents
  • 1 x Staresso Portable Coffee Maker


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