A great number of coffee shop owners have been struggling with sales volume over the past year. One pretty common misconception that may be preventing you as a café owner to move forward with your business is to overcomplicate Marketing and not put any tool/strategy in place to help you propel sales growth. That is why we put together 4 DIY Coffee Shop Marketing Tools that you can easily apply within a week and that will for sure make a huge difference in attracting and retaining customers for your coffee shop, all while increasing sales.

Use Facebook groups to find your local community and advertise your business

Very few people understand the power of community in the maintenance of a local business. Especially if you are a small business and don’t have a load of money to invest in marketing and PR professionals, your community is what will support you and your cafe, especially through hard times like the ones we are experiencing with Covid. 

Research for Facebook groups related to your local community. Be a part of those groups and try to make relevant contributions. Don’t be there with the sole purpose to advertise, but also to help strengthen the community bond. Of course, when you see an opportunity, you can use the space to tell people about your business. You don’t need anything too fancy, a nice photo of your products and a text of your own should be more than enough. Also, note that some groups have special rules, such as specific dates for local business advertising. Just make sure you are not infringing any of them before you post.

Google is an amazing tool for Cafe Marketing: Make sure your listing is active and attractive

Of course, social media these days is very important, I would say essential for any business, but there is something that shows even more results: to be found in Google search. And why is that? Because Google is the place where people seek information about everything, especially when they want to find a new place to visit. Of the 5.6 billion google searches every day, 46% of these are people searching for something local.

We have previously created a post with the step-by-step you have to go through to make sure your business will be shown in google maps and places search.

Make sure all the information on your listing is up-to-date, such as working hours, menu, and e-mail address.

Take advantage of takeaway/delivery apps as cafe marketing tools to propel sales and revenue

The use of takeaway/delivery kind of apps has been featured in our posts all over 2020. And that is because it is one of the coffee shop marketing tools we have found to have greater returns for business owners.

The use of apps allows customers to order their meals and receive them at their door without having to leave their homes or workplace. The main apps in the Australian market are DoorDash, Deliveroo, UberEats, MenuLog.

One of the main benefits of adopting apps is that you will increase the exposure of your business to a further audience. Because the apps invest in marketing the restaurants themselves, you will be able to take advantage of that and attract some new customers that live in your area.

Most of the apps now offer integration to some of the most used POS systems such as Lightspeed and Kuonta, hence making it very easy to reconcile and track its ROI. About the investment, the app usage fee is calculated according to your sales, ranging from 10 to 30%. It may sound steep, but common practice is to increase the app prices a little so you do not lose on those sales.

Have your menu available online, through your website, or social media

It is very important to make your menu available for your clients on as many platforms as possible. Clients want to know what you have to offer to help them make a decision about visiting your store, and if you don’t have a website or social media profile with your menu, they might choose to visit another venue that does.

So the tip here is to always make your menu available and up-to-date online. If you are able to provide photos of the products, even better. For that, you can create a simple 1 or 2-page website if you still don’t have one and have some money to invest, or even use your social media platforms to publish your menu, photos and descriptions. 





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