There is no doubt that hospitality has always been a challenging industry to keep employees motivated for long term. There is no guarantee that anyone will stay in the business for long term, however there are subtieties that can help YOU making your business to stand out from the others and be more likely to have a long term sucessfull team. 

  • Make a strategic long term plan for your employees and for any prospect employee you will be looking at hiring, before anyting else. Elements we believe you shall include in this long term plan is wages growth based on your business KPI’s, ocasional training with set periods, for example: if a barista, you can offer your barista a different coffee training very 6 months for different levels of skills; if is a chef, you could offer to ocasionally take your employee to other similar business as part of the work to see different type of culinary for example.
  • Making a compelling job advertsement by showing that you are passionate about your own business and want everyone that is involved to growth together by highlighting your long term program with people are looking for jobs, will help your cafe to have competitive advantage among other job offers. Everytime we used to offer a bonus based remunaration on the top of the regular wages, which will be based on the overall team peformance we notice a longer than average staff retention in the business, we also noticed that it was a great way to attract new employees and ensure they are going to be reward when the business reach some goals you have established. Make sure you deliver what was promissed, and mostly important, make sure you have key performance indicador to ensure your employee undertands what is required to perform in order to receive the high performance bonus. People with entrepreneurial approach are more likely to stay long term if you help them to achieve their goals. 
  • Emphasize the benefits of working in your business or to undertake a business in the industry, instead of complaining like many cafe owners, show that you are focused on the little things as well, that will make your staff warm and belonged to the business. There are great ways to ensure making the difference such as staff meal strucure, compreensive training, regular feedbacks when negative and especially positive to ensure your employee is motivated and is on the same page that you are. We also liked organising ocasional catch up with the team outside of work, linking the work team with some emotional imputs will definetly make a difference of working in a average cafe or a cafe that makes your employee belonged. There is no a better time with government job maker program inscentive to help you cover the costs of offering a better work experience to employees. 


  • Highlight the benefits that most of people cannot see by working in the industry, such as, personal develpment, meeting and networking with a lots of diferent people, practicing social skills. Let people to connect with others through your business and hire people that are passioned over cheap labour, they are more likely to stay long term within the business. 

This are many elements we have used to built our businesses culture and  helped our wholesale coffee business and partners; as well as our coffee retail outlets (cafes) to have the same employees over 2 and sometimes more than 3 years involved in the business. 




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