Are you thinking of starting your own coffee shop? If you want to open a cafe, there are certain things that you should know about being a coffee shop owner. People in this profession should have a specific range of skill sets that will help them with all aspects of running the business.

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So, what goes into running a cafe business when it comes to manager/owner skills? We’ll take a look in this article!

Different, compatible skill sets

To be a coffee shop owner, you will need various particular skills. These include:

  • People skills – you must be amicable to both your staff and customers, as well as suppliers. You should also have a strong relationship with the community where you work.
  • Customer service skills – you should know how best to serve customers and give them the service they expect.
  • Financial skills – you’ll need to frequently assess your cafe business finances and make sure that you are breaking even.
  • Equipment skills – you should be able to operate all the coffee shop equipment expertly and instruct others.
  • And of course, deep knowledge and passion for coffee and the other food that your cafe provides!

Money to invest IN YOUR COFFEE SHOP

To start a cafe business, you will need money. Buying or renting your own space, decorating, and purchasing products all cost money – not to mention the initial cost of staff wages! You won’t see a return on investment for a while, so you must have a comfortable amount of money saved and ready to invest.


You should believe in your brand, and feel passionate about it filling a gap in the market. You should love your business and feel like it is really making a difference in the community. Your passion is essential when working with staff members – you will need to light a passion in them too, which will make the entire coffee shop look more appealing to customers!

Being willing to learn

Unless you’ve already set up a few different cafe businesses, chances are that you’ll be going out into the unknown. This means that you will make mistakes – it’s part of doing anything new. If you do make any mistakes, the best course of action is to admit and rectify them quickly. You’re only human, but if you are willing to learn from these mistakes, you will become a better coffee shop owner!

Being extroverted

Coffee shop owners are often around people all the time. They need to liaise with staff members, suppliers, customers, the local council, and other nearby businesses. A great coffee shop owner should thrive on this amount of human interaction.

You will also need to market your business; this will require you to be an active voice in your community, using methods like creating posters and leaflets as well as advertising on social media. You will need to feel confident that your brand has something to offer and be able to market it well.

As you can see, a lot goes into being a coffee shop owner – much more than you may have thought initially! If you have everything listed above, you are well on the way to starting your own cafe business.




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