The Linea Mini is a coffee machine that bridges the at-home and commercial markets. Whether you’re looking for a coffee machine for your coffee shop, starting a pop-up coffee shop, or just refining your coffee-making skills at home, it’s a handy dual-boiler espresso machine. Let’s look at all the features of the Linea Mini. 

Brewing Your Coffee

The Linea Mini uses a commercial rotary vane pump. This is the same type of coffee system that industrial coffee machines use, which sets it above other smaller coffee machines when it comes to quality. 

The rotary vane pump means smooth pulls, no sputtering, and no stopping mid-flow – the brew that it produces is rich and creamy, and it extracts the flavours of the ground coffee perfectly.

As it is a dual-boiler espresso machine, it has a separate boiler for the brew and steam handle. The steam handle is incredibly strong – an experienced barista can steam milk to different textures, which is perfect for different drinks and latte art. 

Coffee Machine Key Features

The machine is a compact size, made to fit on counters and in closets. This means that it is a great option if you need a professional machine but want to save on space. 

You can run the coffee machine on its water tank, but you can also plumb it into the mains – which works well for pop ups or cafes. You can also plumb the drip tray to avoid it overfilling. 

One complaint about the La Marzocco Linea Mini is that the steam arm is not insulated. However, it does have a rubber grip to avoid any burns. Because the steam arm is non-insulated, it is located on the right-hand side of the brew and portafilter. 

The spout portafilter feels very high-quality, with an excellent finish and a few different basket options. 

The brew lever acts like an on/off switch. It does ramp up slightly before the pump kicks in, so there is a little pre-infusion, but this is not adjustable. 

There are no volume metrics, but there is a temperature reel and two indicator lights. The red light signifies that it hasn’t reached temperature, and a blue light means that it needs more water. It is a straightforward design, which makes the Linea Mini so popular. 

La Marzocco Linea Mini for Commercial Purposes

As mentioned, the Linea Mini is created with home brewing in mind. However, it has many features – mainly the rotary vane pump and the ability to plumb it into your water supply – that make the machine suitable for commercial purposes. 

In short, the Linea Mini serves consistent espresso that is suitable for selling to the public, as long as a trained barista is operating the machine (as is the case for most industrial machines). 

It is quite tight when it comes to workspace, meaning that it is a little small for drink queuing. In really busy cafes, this may cause a problem. 


The Linea Mini is a very long-lasting, reliable machine. Most people who have purchased a model are still very happy with it years down the line. The material is sturdy and it feels like it is built to last, proven by the consistent coffee it produces. 

Most owners give it a service every 6-9 months to keep it in good condition, changing the basket, screen, gasket, and clip.

Is the Linea Mini worth the money? 

The Linea Mini is an expensive machine. However, most purchasers consider it worth the money due to its ability to produce sellable coffee despite its small size, and its durabilty. It is a very popular machine, and its popularity seems only to be increasing as the years go on. 

Whether you are using the Linea Mini for commercial or at-home purposes, it’s an excellent machine for improving your barista skills.




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