Boots Blend Corporate Package – 2 box Coffee Capsules – 400 units

$400.00 $250.00 (inc GST)






Corporate package of Boots Blend – 20 Coffee Capsules
Nespresso Compatible

A truly specialty coffee blend.

A medium roast, designed to showcase fruitiness in the cup. This blend of Ethiopian and Colombian beans results in a sweet brew, full of refreshing acidity and with a soft mouthfeel. Boots is the perfect entry level blend for the world of more complex specialty coffee. Each pack has 20 coffee capsules and, like our whole pods line, they are Nespresso compatible. This blend is well-balanced and smooth, with a very rich dark chocolate and caramel taste. 

We also make coffee capsules with our seasonal house blend coffee beansAll of our coffee pods are Nespresso compatible.





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